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  • Mathias Léopoldie

    Mathias Léopoldie

    CEO and founder at Julaya https://julaya.co. #mobilemoney #AfricaTech #fintech

  • Timame Njeri

    Timame Njeri

  • Wilberforce Seguton

    Wilberforce Seguton

    CEO & Co-Founder @bunifu

  • bernard sam

    bernard sam

  • Kamil Nabong

    Kamil Nabong

    Techpreneur, transplanted from Law and Economics. Currently PM @KIC, CEO @Hub&Fund, previously VP @MESTAfrica, co-founder @dropifi #R&B listener #Huge LFC Fan.

  • Georges DAMAN

    Georges DAMAN

  • Leslie MILLS

    Leslie MILLS

  • Sam Baddoo

    Sam Baddoo

    Co-founder @joinrestart.com | U. S. Army Reservist | Helping people accelerate their path to financial independence through sustainable and meaningful careers.

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